10 Reasons to have a winter wedding!

Written by: Anya Powers of Sissily Designs

According to 2021 Real Weddings Study, 80% of all weddings took place between May to October. Summer is the most popular season for weddings. Although we all love the beautiful sunshine and warmth on our wedding day, but would you consider a less busy, less humid, and a less expensive alternative? Would you consider having your dream day in Fall or even Winter? 

Here are the 10 reasons that you should have your wedding in Winter or Fall. 

1) It is not as hot and humid. Think about that, you and your husband, wedding party and guest are all beautifully dressed, but feel humid and hot in a 98 degree out summer day. It is always easier to put on more layers than being sweaty. Don't forget, the winter sun is as beautiful as the summer sun. 
bridal party, bridesmaids dress, bridesmaids Photographer: Alicia King Photography  Bridesmaids Fur: Lilian Cha03 
 2) It is much less busy and less expensive. Since 80% of the weddings are taken place in Spring and Summer. You will have a better chance to book the venue you like with much cheaper price! As well as having off-season prices, winter is a less busy season in general for weddings, which means you are more likely to get more care and attention from your vendors, you’re more likely to get your first choices for most vendors and you’re also more likely to have a more complete guest list with less of a chance that your guests are attending other weddings or going on holidays. (Ref: Social & Personal Weddings)
Winter Bridal, Snow Bride, Winter WeddingPhotographer: Cassandra Vagher Bridal Fur: Blair Blu02

3) Winter weather is more "guaranteed". We all know we get a lot of rain in Summer and Spring. You could never 100% trust the weather report. However, for winter wedding, there is no that much rain. You might even get snow if you are lucky, which just adds more fun and romantic flavor to your big day!

Winter Wedding, Bridesmaids Dress, Wedding Party Photographer:Caroline Frereault Photographe Bridesmaids Fur: Lilian LBRW03
4) Winter and Fall weddings are more festive. The color is warm and rich. Because of the coming holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, most people would be in the "fun holiday mood". You will have more reasons to borrow some "holiday season" to decorate your wedding. Beautiful candle lights, fake snowflakes, warm golden harvest decorative. You would give your guest a very different wedding theme.
Christmas Wedding, Bridal Party, Winter WeddingPhotographer: Jessa Schifilliti  | Bridesmaids Fur: Penelope Wht01

5) Stunning Wedding Photography. Let's be honest, we have seen enough beautiful blue sky with sunshine wedding pictures. Don't you want something that is more unique and different from others? Since the sun is much softer in winter, your photographer would be able to create more unique looking wedding pictures. Don't forget, Fall and Winter are as beautiful as Summer and Spring. Especially Winter, who does not want to look like a snow princess? You will look extra beautiful in the white and pure snowy weather.

Fall Mountain Wedding, Field Wedding, Wedding PartyPhotographer: Elopetelluride | Bridal Fur: Butterfly Blu02

6) Unique Wedding Look and Creative Bouquets. Winter allows for your florist to get more creative with florals – think way outside the box with more natural elements! Painted greenery, feathers, pinecones, even berries or vegetables. Your flowers can still push boundaries of design outside of the typical spring + summer season. And of course, if you could like to have a summer flower bouquet, the sky is your limited comes to picking a winter wedding bouquet. (Ref: Green Wedding Shoes)


Photographer: Devoted and Wild | Bridesmaid Fur: Lilian Blu02  
7) Cheaper Travel and Accommodations. Travel and hotel stays are at peak pricing in the summer, when school is out and families take their vacation. Winter weddings allow guests to take advantage of off-season pricing for their travel and accommodation options. It is a really win-win situation for everyone. (Ref: Brides)
Photography: Valley of Wonder & Melissa Stimpson | Bridesmaid Fur: Lilian Blu02  

8) Cozy holiday drinks and food. Rise your hand if you are a foodie? Everyone loves some holiday comfort food. Hot coco, hot apple cider, hot wine, enjoy all of these heart warming moments with your love ones. Also, people tend to enjoy food a lot more in a colder weather. The food you provide would taste extra delicious during those colder days. Imagine people get together having some hot drinks and a great piece of pumpkin pie. What a lovely moment! 

Winter Wedding Snow Wedding
Photographer: Maggie Hanson Photography  | Bridesmaid Fur: Lilian Blu02

9) More Honeymoon choices. Thank about the money you could save from having a winter wedding, you could go anywhere you like for your honeymoon with the money you save! Having a winter wedding does not mean you won't be able to enjoy a hot beach honeymoon,  there are plenty of nice beaches around the world are still pretty warm during winter time. For example, Australia. A winter wedding will make sure you don’t miss the weather at home and will give you a stark contrast for your sunshine honeymoon!  (Ref: Green Wedding Shoes)

Snow Wedding, Snow Mountain WeddingPhotographer: Dawn Thomson Photo  | Bridesmaid Fur: Penelope Wht01
10) Last but not the least. You will have a once a life chance to wear a fur shawl / wrap! Fur is girls' best friend. All girls look extra elegant in furs! You could choose  a faux fur or a real fur to create the snow princess look that everyone would go wow! Lucky for you, Sissily Designs, the global faux fur designer is here at your service to find the perfect faux fur for you. Here are some of our most beautiful winter brides! Contact us if you would like to find the perfect bridal fur shawl for your big day! Matching bridesmaids and flower girls are available!!  
Photographer: Small Story Photography - Renee Lamplot | Bridemmaids Fur: Lilian LGRY01

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