Thank you for your interest of our designs. We offer drop shipping and wholesale services.

Drop Shipping:

If you would like to promote our products on your website, you are free to use our pictures. A 20% discount applies to all products. We will mail the products from our store, you wouldn’t need to worry about packing and shipping. Returns and exchanges are accepted.


We provide 20% to 45% off discount for wholesales:

1-10 pieces – 20% off

11 -20 pieces – 25% off

21- 30 pieces – 30% off

31 – 40 pieces – 35% off

41 to 50 pieces – 40% off

51+ - 45% off

Note: we don’t accept return for wholesales, we accept exchange for quality reason only. If you would like to buy one to see the quality, it would be 20% off.