All you need to do is sharing SIX (6) or more professional wedding pictures with us! Please email your beautiful pictures to:

By sending us the pictures, you give us the permission to share the pictures on our social media platforms and online shop(s).

We will get your photographers' permission before your pictures are being used.

Please remember to provide the name of your photographers or his/her social media information (Facebook or/and Instagram or/and website).

Please refer to below details:

1) Pictures must be taken by professional wedding photographer(s), please refer to our Pinterest for the type of pictures we accept.

2) The size of the pictures must be 600KB or above. (normally it is the original size and quality from your photographer)

3) Picture must show our products clearly.

4) Pictures must show faces clearly.

5) Pictures with watermarks or logos will not be accepted.

6) Customers will allow us to contact their photographers if the pictures are used for our shop. 

Sissily Designs will NOT edit or change anything of the pictures, we will credit your vendors for their works. 

We are looking forward to receiving your pictures and refund your shipping cost!