Borrow Our Designs

We are always excited to work with talented photographers and vendors for bridal photoshoots. We are happy to lend you our products with a reasonable deposit that can be 100% refunded. 
Details are as below:
1) All pictures must be bridal pictures. 
2) Please provide all information of the shoot. Such as photographers' portfolio, model information, other vendors' information, date, location and etc. 

3) We require a $50 deposit for each product. Deposit will be 100% refunded after we receive the qualified pictures and the our product(s).

4) We will be given 100% access to all pictures that show our product(s) after the shoot. Pictures must show our products clearly. 

5) The products must be returned to us in the original condition. Handling and service fee(s) will be deducted if any item requires cleaning or not in its original condition. 

6) We are not responsible for any shipping costs.

Please let us know if you are interested. And let us know which item you would like to borrow!

Photo taken by: Amber Lanphier