Taking care of faux fur is very easy. 

The best way to maintain the fluffiness is to hang it or leave it inside a box. 

Before you wear it, use hair dryer and blow hot air to it for 5 mins. They will look more fluffy than before. 


Wht01/ Blu01/ Gry01/ LGry01/ DGry01/ Blk01 / Pin01

You could put furs with color codes above inside a dryer to achieve great results. 

Step 1: Spray water on the fur side ONLY, not the lining side. You might get a water mark on the lining side if you do so.

(If you accidentally got water on the lining side, spray water on the lining evenly, and leave it dry. ) 

Step 2: Put the fur inside the dryer and set the lowest temperature for 10 mins.

Step 3: Take the fur out once the dryer stops, do not leave it inside the dryer too long after the dryer stops. It will wrinkle the fur. 

The fur would become very fluffy. 

Note: This method is only for the color codes ending with "01". Do not put other material with other color codes in the dryer. Fur will be burned.